Today’s Yoga Thoughts..

I have been getting into this thing called yoga lately. It is great and different from most things I have become involved in. I feel very accomplished inside and out after each practice…The thing I like about it is that it is something a person will never perfect…Yoga is meant to be infinite or never ending.. though one should strive to acheive the “perfect” pose. Yoga broadens my opens me up in which I now see things in a new perspective…. it is hard to explain and I will not go into much detail, though I feel that if more people became involved ..the world might be a changed place.



~ by Jessica McGinley on February 28, 2007.

2 Responses to “Today’s Yoga Thoughts..”

  1. Okay, just now getting to my mail… I’m not so good since my home computer is officially deceased. Now, first- are you sure you’re related to me?? I wish I had half of your talents! Second- I was thinking of trying the Spectacular Hummus recipe… think I’d like it? If I choose to eat it with crackers or say pizza, rather than carrots is it still healthy?
    Love You!
    Aunt Tracey

  2. Hahaha….yes the spectacular hummus is GRREAT as a dip!…so that means …GREAT with crackers, chips, pizza, fried chicken..haha. Very easy to make…and even easier with a food processor..though my blender worked fine..

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