MOrnin Yoga

I have been trying to get into a habit of doing yoga in the morning and have been having loads of problems with this. It really isn’t the waking up early that gets me, just the stiffness…I am much weaker and I become frustrated because most of the poses become double the pain! Does anyone know if my body will ever get used to practicing in the mornings??…I know lots of people that do it everyday..earlier than me… ….I am certain though, today was not a good day to try this since I had a rough weekend of hiking and climbing…I am pretty sore and tight…especially my hip flexors!!


~ by Jessica McGinley on March 12, 2007.

One Response to “MOrnin Yoga”

  1. Practicing in the morning definitely takes getting used to, and can be frustrating at first (and later). You just need to accept that your body will be stiffer than if you practiced later in the day, and learn to adjust your expectations and how you move in the poses differently. The body does get more used to it through practice, but it is never like practicing later. But it helps to think of why practicing in the morning is good – type of classes offered; frames the rest of the day; etc.

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