Slackline Yoga?

Yes, this is correct…there are people out there who actually incorporate yoga into slacklining!!

For those who have no clue what slacklining is…well..I will try my best to explain a bit….Slacklining is basically like tight rope walking…the difference between the two is the rope that you use to walk on for slacklining is 1″ flat tubular webbing. Sounds like it might be easier than tight rope walking??? NOPE!! Webbing is very dynamic compared to tight ropes (less dynamic)…meaning webbing stretches a bunch and causes a walker to become very wobbly…especially when trying to get on!

Once you get the hang of it might want to start incorporating different moves or positions….just as this guy did below. I came upon this neat site and thought it was remarkable how these people were able to integrate yoga into slacklining. I’m thinking of giving it a try..though I need to first work on staying on the thing!! Here’s a page on more about slacklining and how to get started…



~ by Jessica McGinley on March 13, 2007.

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