I am back and alive…Spring break was great..dirty, but great! The trip consisted of 3 guys and me…for a whole week! We left on Friday night and drove to Las Vegas were we camped at Red Rocks National Park until we woke up, scrambled some eggs and got on the rocks, pretty much everyday….we did a couple of multipitched climbs, which I found I am not a huge fan of..(hanging belays are NOT all that comfortable!)..though it is neat to be up that high and see everything….we then drove on to Pasadena, California (LA area) and stayed with a friend for a couple of nights..showered..visited Hollywood, the beach, and ate at a Tibetan restaurant (I got the sherpa stew with a HUGE beer)…….Thursday we left for Joshua Tree (Still in Cali) for some moreeee climbing and camping. I mastered some difficult climbs…very proud….though now as I am finally back …I am bruised up and a bit tight from a decrease in my yoga practice and cramped car seating arrangements! I will post some pictures soon…possibly a slideshow if I have time!


~ by Jessica McGinley on March 27, 2007.

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