Stress Attack

This whole week has been crazy, its funny how when one thing hits you hard, everything else that could go wrong, goes WRONG! …At the moment it may seem like life isn’t fair, or maybe the old saying of “Life’s a bitch” comes to mind…though when one really thinks about the “unfairness” that might be happening at that particular moment in time, he or she or ME should realize that life is not fair…and there are worse things that could go wrong. I’ve been using this time to become closer to myself…to learn to cope with things when they don’t go my way….. … On a happy note, check out this funny video I found…I love the song (Manu Chao, “Bongs Bongo”)


~ by Jessica McGinley on March 30, 2007.

One Response to “Stress Attack”

  1. Cool page Jess, hope your week goes better! Give you some rock climbing love, if you need a belay @ the gym on a Friday or Saturday, it seems as if my main belayer sometimes doesn’t want to climb as often as I do!!

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