Oh how I love spice..It really is a shame when I meet bland people…these people pretty much hate everything…well, maybe I’m being a bit harsh, though It does seem that the more spicy a person is, the more open and sincere that person is….I am pretty obsessed with using spices and herbs. I think I use cinnnamon everyday…I put it in my coffee, yogurt, oatmeal, smoothies…and on and on… Star anise pictured below is an asian spice that many people aren’t accustomed to…though it is in lots of tasty foods, like pho! Cilantro and Basil are two of my most favorite herbs because they work well in most recipes—>like hummus!! The main reason I decided to post about spices and herbs is because too many people don’t use them or don’t know how……and end up buying them at Walmart where they are usually too old to use…yes, herbs and spices don’t last forever!! A place I like to order dried spices and herbs is from a company called Penzey’s Spices that is located in Brookfield, Wisconsin. They have anything and everything a person would ponder using in a recipe….hey, even Martha Stewart mentioned them on her show! 🙂 …If you do decide to order from them, I would highly recommend the chinese cassia cinnamon …I am pretty sure it is their best seller..


~ by Jessica McGinley on April 6, 2007.

One Response to “Flavaa”

  1. I love spices too! I’m lucky enough to have a spice shop nearby that has tons of fresh spices and you can even buy teeny little baggies of spices so you know they won’t go stale before you can use them.

    I read somewhere that spices actually help your immune systems. I credit drinking chai with my lack of colds in the winter!

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