Sweeeet tooth

Yeah.. .. it is true, I have a sweet tooth.  I am not ashamed of it..everything in moderation right?? 😛  So, today I went to the best frozen custard place in town (sooner rocks) and got me a big thing of vanilla with mint flavoring mixed in…the girl asked if that was it, like I was missing something, perhaps oreo or chocolate chips…..Nopee I said…..I guess I’m just a simple gal who likes her plain mint…  How I love desserts…making sweet stuff is probably one of my top passions in this little life of mine…..the main reason is probably the batter that I get to eat at the end…I talk to tooo many people who make the mistake of throwing the good stuff out (even cookie dough!!!!!)…what is wrong with you guys!?!?!  and in all of my years of living, I have never been poisoned from raw eggs!! …Oh well, I guess more for me….


Yes…I made thisss… piece of heaven is what I would call it, to others, a big fat piece of red velvet cake…



~ by Jessica McGinley on April 12, 2007.

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