Defeating the Impossible!

One word I’ve come across lots and lots and lots of times is a little thing called detachment.. yes.. anyone involved in yoga or spirituality often comes across this pequeño idea… probably because it is so major..or atleast to me. During my usual procrastination session I read an article from the yoga journal site on detachment…”Just let Go,” by Sally Kempton. She discussed the importance of this and gave some steps to help one reach the goal of freedom from attachment. I liked her opening story of her listening to the radio and catching Ram Dass depicting the famous Indian anecedote about the way you catch a monkey in India…. “You drop a handful of nuts into a jar with a small opening. The monkey puts his hand into the jar, grabs the nuts, and then finds that he can’t get his fist out through the opening. If the monkey would just let go of the nuts, he could escape. But he won’t.”……Ram Dass concluded with..”It’s as simple as that: Detachment leads to freedom.”

It’s amazing how this store makes complete since…so simple… letting go, and walla, Freedom! though………I know very very well that it is pretty darn impossible to become detached from certain things….so yeah, this is something I am going to strive for.. to work at everyday.. as Kempton states…”That’s why the Bhagavad Gita recommends developing our detachment muscles by working them day by day, starting with the small stuff. Detachment takes practice, and it reveals itself in stages.”


~ by Jessica McGinley on April 17, 2007.

One Response to “Defeating the Impossible!”

  1. As long as you do not become detached from you Mom!!! Because I love you :o)

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