Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana!

Rain, Rain, Rain… write!!!! It is pouring at this moment and I am skipping class…what a bad bad girl… though I don’t feel too bad about it since this time (after I am done here) will be spent typing a paper for this lil class o mine. I had such great day yesterday..It was beautiful outside and I was in just one of those moods… maybe it was the coffee? Well, I went to the studio and did a pretty tough practice…Andrew threw in a couple of advanced moves…annnd I was able to get in to eka pada raja kapotasana! ..boy was I excited…he then took our pictures…though I think he felt a little bad interrupting class, though I feel that pictures are beautiful and it is neat to see how you appear in certain poses….

Here’s the picture below..(It’s a bit fuzzy) .. I changed my web picture too! 🙂



~ by Jessica McGinley on April 27, 2007.

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