I am alive!

It has been too long in deed…I have a good reason though….finals! Yes, it took over my world for about 2 weeks and it took most of my energy. I’m thinking yoga is what saved my last ounce of sanity… I actually was finished on Tuesday, though I have been using this past week to relax and enjoy my time of nothingness….however, next week I’ll be searching for a job.. I’m glad I’ve had this break and hope this summer brings a massive amount of good fun to my little ol’ life.. I am looking forward to reading books other than textbooks!! WOOO HOOO! I love those trips to the bookstore…boy do I love em.. Alright, enough now..Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mums out there.. Here’s the recipe I made my mommy…strawberries and almond shortcake.. found it on some website…and it was DELICIOUS! I highly recommend trying this one out..wish I would have taken a picture of the end result…too late now…in me belly!


~ by Jessica McGinley on May 13, 2007.

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