wow, a new post.

I have not been writing… indeed.. which is due to my busy life! I have just finished my first semester of physical therapy school. Feels great, though I can only think of how much more there is to go. At the moment I am trying my best to get through a broken heart. Writing this out should hopefully release the negative emotions that are bottled up inside me.

It’s not like I want everyone to know my personal business, I just am doing this for myself and maybe others who are going through the same experience. Our break up was an unusual one ..since it was not from a fight or some other screw up… just a break that was needed….which is why it is so gosh darn hard for me! Why is this so hard??! I know I am young and lacking experience, though I know that any break in a relationship will always be hard and painful. It is odd to think that what has helped me the most through this time has been remembering all of the good things about the other person and realizing that in time, a friendship can be renewed. I do not know what the future holds, though I do know that it is up to me to make future happen. As I was listening to Sharon Salzberg one day she discussed an experience with an older lady ….something that I have learned a valuable lesson from.. .. I have the choice. I have the choice to wake up and be happy. It is my choice and this will never change.



~ by Jessica McGinley on December 18, 2007.

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