Meditation Cycling

Awoke to a gray sky.  We haven’t had a gray sky in a long while, which makes me miss it to the extreme of wanting the sun to go on a long vacation. I decided to go on a bike ride around a nearby lake. The weather was pretty perfect, even with the slight wind. Today I noticed the water.. it’s funny because when riding or running I tend to look at the ground instead of focusing on the scenery.  Maybe I’ve had too many falls in my past… not sure.  Today I saw the water and how it matched the sky.  Who ever said gray was an ugly color??… When I think of gray I think of comfort, fall … a big blanket to wrap me up and never let anything or anyone hurt me.  I passed an older man.. he had this big grin on his face and squeezed his little horn.  I saw him again (Mr. Speedy) and he smiled again and then waved at some people in a boat.  Sometimes I want to stop people like him and see if they are real… … because supposedly this world that we live in is really just a dream


~ by Jessica McGinley on July 30, 2008.

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