Tragedy.. Fortune?

August 11, 2008

Have you ever worn something for a long time .. hopefully nothing in the clothing category, rather a ring, necklace, freckles, pirate eye patch.. dreadlocks.? Well, I had a tragedy today.. my famous Buddha necklace fell off  while I was running!  Thank goodness I saw him fall to the ground, though I wish I could have caught poor Buddha.  Everything is now ok.. I got home and got another string to tie him back around my neck.  My sister saw this re-tying event and we both toasted to a new necklace with 2 big glasses of Spaten Optimator beer..  It was great.  I sort have been wondering if this day of the falling of Buddha signifies something in my life.. perhaps something new? .. or good luck?? .. maybe I’ll win some more curls for my hair? I am generally a positive person, so I pretttty positive that this signifies something positive.  😀   I’m just glad ol’ Buddha is back, safe and sound.

Oh yeah.. the part about my sister is a lie.. she doesn’t even like good beer! She’ll learn some day… after she turns into a cereal box.. HA HA ..


~ by Jessica McGinley on August 11, 2008.

One Response to “Tragedy.. Fortune?”

  1. what a nice buddha face!! glad you saw him fall~
    namaste! and cheers!!

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