Story of Tea and A Master of Meditation

“He was concentrating on something… something outward. His eyes would blink and the concentration would be lost, so he tore off his eyelids. This was a beautiful story: he tore off his eyelids, threw them away, and concentrated. After a few weeks, he saw some plants growing on the spot where he had thrown his eyelids. This anecdote happened on a mountain in China, and the mountain’s name is Tah, or Ta. Hence, the name ‘tea.’ Those plants which were growing became tea, and that is why tea helps you to be awake. ……. When your eyes are blinking and you are falling down into sleep, take a cup of tea. Those are Bodhidharma’s eyelids. If you are concentrating outwardly, then nonblinking eyes will be needed, as if you no longer have eyelids. That is the meaning of throwing away the eyelids. You have only eyes, without eyelids to close them. Concentrating until the point dissolves. If you persist, if you insist and do not allow the mind to move, the point dissolves. And when the point dissolves, if you were concentrated on the point and there was only this point for you in the world, if the whole world had dissolved already, if only this point remained and now the point also dissolves, then consciousness cannot move anywhere. There is no object to move to.. all the dimensions are closed. The mind is thrown to itself, the consciousness is thrown to itself, and you enter the center.”

From “The Book of Secrets” by Osho


~ by Jessica McGinley on August 13, 2008.

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