A busy mind? .. wine?… too much sleep? I guess it could be any of these and more. Dreams amaze me sometimes. The common one that will pop up will have a tornado .. or some kind of terrible storm. These dreams sort of made since when I was younger because I had this huge fear of tornadoes to the degree of not wanting to play with my sister when I would see big puffy storm clouds roll in or see a chance of thunderstorms in the forecast. Now I have no fears of storms or tornadoes.. in fact, I prefer exciting weather… it’s what keeps me loving Oklahoma. I don’t understand why I have these dreams now, though I’m pretty certain they have some kind of meaning.

Last night I had a dream that is one of those that will keep you awake for awhile. One of those that is hard to forget… and perhaps want to understand. It was a fairly short dream. I was driving to some foreign place..away from the city. It was dark out and I was alone in my car.. I’m thinking I was lost because I remember having this fear in me. I had the same kind of fear as I did as a kid during thunderstorms or loosing my mother in the grocery store. As I was driving I kept looking back because there was a car close by and for some reason I felt threatened by it. I sped up, though the car some how was difficult to lose…. then all I remember is being thrown in my car as I was hit. I didn’t know if I was alive or dead. I couldn’t tell up from down as my car was spun in every direction. I woke up.. not in a sweat.. I had a different feeling.. a deep one that I haven’t had from a dream in a very long time. I’ve been thinking about this dream all day but am not sure why I am still having this same strange, lingering feeling.

I have been reading a bit on dreams from my Osho book. Throughout this book he discusses dreaming.. In one portion we are said to dream the whole day. “Just close your eyes at any time of the day. Relax the body and you will feel that the dreaming is there. It never disappears, it is only suppressed by our daily activities. It is like the stars in the day. In the night you see the stars. In the day you cannot see them, but they are there always. They are simply suppressed by the sunlight. The same is true with dreaming. In sleep you can feel dreams easily because the activity of the day is no more there; thus that inner activity can be seen and felt. When you get up in the morning, the dreaming continues inside while you start acting on the outside. … If dreaming continues, you cannot be said to be really awake. In the night you are more asleep, in the day you are less asleep. The difference is relative, because if the dreaming is there you cannot be said to be really awake. Dreaming creates a film over the consciousness. This film becomes like a smoke–you are surrounded by it. You can only be said to be awake when there is no dreaming at all. You awake when there is no dream inside. You move there, but there is no dream. It is as if there were no star in the sky; it has become pure space. When there is no dreaming, you become pure space… and this purity, innocence, nondreaming, consciousness, is what is known as enlightenment—the awakening.”

Welp, I guess I have some awakening to do then!


~ by Jessica McGinley on August 20, 2008.

One Response to “Dreams..”

  1. You write very well Jess. You make good sense and something I can definitely relate to. I have always been overtaken by daily activities. Now for the first time in my life I am not working full time whilst living in another country and with much more time on my hands, day-dreaming is common. I must say my dreaming is somewhat negative sometimes – always dreaming (thinking) of the answer to who I am and what my purpose is. I hope it is clarified soon – it drives me mad sometimes, even makes me miss working full time! Lol.
    Enjoy life.

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