Far out..

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Just as the acorn existed within the oak, even when the oak was a seedling; and as the oak existed within the earth, even before there were trees; and as the earth existed within the galaxy, even before there were planets… there has never been a time when you did not exist within me… during which we dreamed all else into being.

Far out.

Love you.

Well done.

Happy everything,
The Universe



“Now remember, have fun!”

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Tricycle Magazine interview with Jeff Bridges

Chaos is Freedom

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Borrowed this from: h.koppdelaney’s website

Chaos is Freedom

“Master, why are you not going to celebration?”
“I am learning to make no plans.”
“Today chaos is freedom.”


Turning into a chili pepper?

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Nice article on seeing yourself in others..

We are all connected.


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Of all the things that matter, that really and truly matter, working more efficiently and getting more done is not among them.
-The Universe

School is coming to an end for me.. I have been in school for too many years to count on my fingers. I have of course come to realize that work will follow… So, right now & in the future, I must “chill” because that is what truly matters.

Faith coupled with action..

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“Yesterday I watched a small bird, flying very fast, disappear into the canopy of an oak tree. So dense were its leaves that it was impossible to see what happened next, though I can tell you it remained inside.

I wondered how the little bird found its opening through the leaves at such a speed, and then managed to gently align its fragile body on the branch it chose to land upon, all within a fraction of a second. Not to mention the impossible to imagine flying maneuvers required: the banking, the curling, the vertical and horizontal stabilizations, the deceleration and landing.

Memory? Calculation? Not in that tiny brain. Instinct? Maybe, but how does instinct know which way the branches of a tree have grown when no two are the same?

That little bird just knew. It had faith, in spite of not being able to see how things would work out, that if (and only if) it stayed the course the details would be taken care of; that an opening would appear and a twig would be found. In fact, had she slowed down enough to carefully and logically inspect the tree first, the prudent thing to do, she would have lost her lift and fallen to the ground.

Kind of like reaching for your dreams. Neither memory, nor calculating, nor instincts are the deciding factors, but faith coupled with action.”
The Universe

ignore everybody.

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Ignore everybody

A buddy sent this to me.. much needed.